SOC & Security Incident Response
14th of July, 2020

CyberTalks is a Hardsecure initiative that aims to raise awareness and relevant information in the areas of Information Systems Security & Cybersecurity through free webinars.

Attend our SOC and Security Incident Response Webinar to learn more about: Managed Security Services, Security Incident Response Methodologies, How to boost your SIEM engine, and our h-SOC solution.


  • What is SOC
  • Main purpose
  • SOC types (Tiers) & Models
  • Process workflow (SOC Tier 3)
  • Incident Response Methodologies
  • How to implement SOC as a Service in your organization
  • H-SOC Main benefits
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Date: July, 14th at 3 pm (Lisbon / London Hour)

Location: Remote Conference at Teams

Speakers: David Oliveira

Limited spaces: 100 people

Price: Free Event

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