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What does Level 0 consist of?

This level defines the design, architecture, and dimensioning of technological solutions in order to secure a defense capability against cyber-attacks, as well as establishing the main elements of information and communication to the organization's employees, in a context of awareness and training. Consulting services at the perimeter level, network segregation and segmentation, endpoint security, patch management & configuration management are examples of some of the operation areas.

How it works?

There are a set of services that establish a starting point for the operationalization of security solutions and services. In addition, employees begin to be involved in contacting information in the field of security, with decision-makers having a key involvement in creating a process that ensures the security of their business, but also that the investment meets the priorities that the business lays down.

What services are part of this level?

These are the services that are part of this level of Cyber Effect:

  • Cyber Security Managed Services
  • Gateway Security Service
  • CIS Endpoint Protection Support Service
  • Cyber Security Awareness Service
  • Information Sharing and Knowledge Management Service
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