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What does level 1 consist of?

This level consolidates the design and technological implementation carried out in level 0 of the Cyber Effect, through the operationalization of security audits (in the scope of international standards such as ISO27001, ISO27005, ISO22301, NIST,...), vulnerability analysis and injection of security incidents, correlation and monitoring of security incidents (1st level of the Security Incident Response) and the creation of zero-trust zones in the information system, in order to armor business areas against cyber attacks.

How it works?

It consists of the execution of services within the scope of security and cybersecurity, to guarantee the creation of processes, procedures, policies, and regulations that guarantee the adequate operationalization of security solutions.

Furthermore, it allows us to provide real-time visibility and monitoring of the attacks that are taking place on our customers' infrastructure, allowing the adoption of correction and mitigation measures proactively and/or reactively against computer attacks, reducing the risk of exposure through the creation of robust business areas.

What services are part of this level?

These are the services that are part of this level of Cyber Effect:

  • Cyber Security Monitoring Service
  • Cyber Security Operational Centre Helpdesk Service
  • Cybersecurity Industrial Control Systems Services
  • Information Security Compliance Service
  • GDPR Services consultancy
  • Security Audit Support Service
  • Zero Trust Architecture Services
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