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Cyber Security Managed Services

This service combines a number of subservice flavours, each of which provide cyber security specialist development capabilities, mainly supporting sustainment activities, typically brought in when an IT department needs to outsource their organization's information security needs to a third party.


This service provides flexible and bespoke Cyber Security solutions and Cyber Security Support comprising:

  • CIS Project Cyber Security Research and Consultancy.
  • Security Setting Configuration Consultancy.
  • Cyber Security Design Services.
  • Cyber Security Education and Training Awareness Program Services.
  • Cyber Security Architecture Services.
  • Security Architecture (Adoption).
  • Cyber Security Policy Support.
  • Cyber Security Tool Selection.

CIS Project Cyber Security Research and Consultancy: Consultancy on security aspects of implementation, configuration, management and support of Customer CIS software, systems and devices. Includes CIS Security Data Mining & Business Intelligence and Cyber Security Business Continuity Planning Consultancy. Research CIS Security systematically investigates areas related to CIS Security to establish new technologies and approaches that can improve CIS Security.

Security Setting Configuration Consultancy: Provision of security configuration settings for in-use and future CIS Applications, software, Networking devices and Operating Systems software. Provision of configuration guidance for the securing of Boundary Protection devices, to include the approval of information flows over those devices as part of the configuration change process or firewall rule base change request process.

Cyber Security Design Services: Design CISs that can adapt to changing conditions in order to accomplish appropriate levels of CIS Security. Incorporates Vulnerability Assessment services as required. Adopt or develop CIS Security designs that can be implemented efficiently and that fulfil CIS Security requirements. Derive adequate CIS Security requirements and measures for systems or networks by valuating assets in the presence of known threat environment and vulnerabilities. It includes the analysis the security risk induced by the implementation of a new capability, a change to an existing one or systems that are delivered and are about to go operational. May include provisioning of Value analysis (potentially offered separately).

Cyber Security Education and Training Support Services: Provide technical and policy aspects of guidance on Cyber Security Education and Training guidance (i.e., Training Needs Analysis).

Cyber Security Architecture Services: Definition of security focussed mission and Cyber Security customer objectives, expectations, and responsibilities. Review of overarching (high level) architectures and target architectures ensuring compliance to Standard Security Policies and architectural coherence among projects and systems. Support to establish this strategic direction is provided as requested and coordinated by Hardsecure Cyber Security Strategic Team.

Security Architecture (Adoption): Provide adequate organization of CIS security requirements into a security architecture for any CIS system to ensure efficient usage of security resources aligned with high-level direction and guidance. This entails the cyber security support on overarching, reference, and target architecture for every introduced Customer capability.

Cyber Security Policy Support: Supports the development and maintenance of technical Customer Directive and Guidance documents, and review of Cyber Security/Information Assurance/Cyber Defence related documentation. This covers both documentation through the Hardsecure Framework Roadmap as well as any supporting documents in Standards regulatory security frameworks. Support to Standards Policies' and high-level Directives' Development. This includes Standards Security Policy, Standard Information Management, Standard Cyber Defence Policy and all applicable Enclosures.

Cyber Security Tool Selection: Development of guidance in the selection of specific CIS security tools. Support and advice on Information Assurance products evaluation and certification. This service may support the maintenance of the Customer Information Assurance Product Catalogue.

Added Value

Our CSMS brings a collection of cybersecurity skills, that can be integrated in:

  • 24x7 Performance and Availability monitoring
  • Compliance Management
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • InfoSec Services
  • Security Awareness Training (training and education)
  • Cloud Security
  • Domain Security
  • Email Security
  • End-Point Security
  • Network Security
  • Risk assessments and gap analysis
  • Policy development and risk management
  • Solution scoping
  • Solution/tool research and requisition
  • Solution implementation
  • Management of security systems
  • Configuration management
  • Security updates
  • Reporting, auditing, and compliance
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