Cyber Summit: Chemical
The 1st International Conference on Security and Chemical

On the 23rd and 24th of June Hardsecure organized and held the CyberSummit for the Chemical Industry. This event was to bring more information gathering around CyberSecurity issues relevant for the current times and to increase the fast paced networking amongs professionals. The Summit had eight speakers touching the most important fields of CyberSecurity and Chemical Industry.

The topics covered were:

  • "The Biggest Challenges Facing the Chemical Industry", by Patrick Hochfeld and Fabian Ruehrnschopf, from ACOPA GmbH. The focus of this presentation was the supply chain disruptions and Trending Challenges for the Chemical Industry.

  • “Third Party Risk Management in Chemical" was presented by the President of International Sales at SecurityScorecard, Matthew McKenna. Mr. McKenna presented how low Security Ratings can be correlated to the major Databreaches occurred in the Chemical Industry by showing evidences of this correlation. Increasing concerns about Supply Chain disruptions and even more correlate with Cyber-Risk and this was one of the biggest concerns evident in this Summit.

  • “Deep and Dark Web Trends for Chemical Industry" was presented by Mr. Reshid Ramadan, Global MSSP Account Manager at SOCRadar. Reshid raised awareness about the danger of data collection in chemical and how this collection and sale is done through the Deep and Dark Web. The importance of retrieving information from the Deep and Dark Web as a forma of protecting all your assets was another concerned raised in this Summit, being, the need to be more proactive rather than reactive since the challenges of this Corona brought us new cyber-threats like governmental spionage for example.

  • "Compliance Cyber Risk and Digitization in Chemical" presented by Thorsten Breuer, Executive Director at Sonarlock, refers the importance of the 5 pillars model of compliance (Leadership, Risk Assessment, Satndards & Controls, Training & Communication and Monitoring, Audit & Response).

  • "Incident Response in Chemical" by David Oliveira, International Sales Manager at Hardsecure spoke about Incident Response as a Service and Third Party Risk Management as a Service. These two components are absolutely critical in these dire times where both you and your supply chain are targets for disruption asnd need a more proactive towards CyberSecurity Issues.

  • “Pentest as a service in Chemical" was presented by Rafael García, Quality, Information Security and Privacy Manager at Exevi. Rafael identified the importance of Pentest as a service as an answerfor a more proactive approach towards CyberSecurity Issues. If can´t measure you can´t improve therefore more companies are adopting the Pentest as a Service as a mean to keep improving the Security measures.

    With a panel of international speakers, the event had about 50 participants, from approximately 14 countries, whose profiles belong in the technology and cybersecurity areas, occupying leading positions.

    The next Cyber Summit will take place in October and will be about “What impact of Ransomware attack in a company?” and this raises the big controversial question: "Should you or should you not pay the Ransomware?"
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