10 Things to know about cloud security

There is a clear trend and an increasing demand for Cloud Security services, common to all Industries and countries. According to Forbes, 73% of organizations have at least one application or part of their computing infrastructure stored in the cloud.

Talking about Cloud Security makes us think about some questions, namely: To what extent is data stored in the cloud more advantageous compared to traditional storage on local physical systems? What are the advantages of purchasing a cloud security service? These are some questions you will see answered throughout the article “10 things to know about cloud security”.

When talking about Cloud Security services it is impossible not to talk about cybersecurity measures. Cloud Security is a system of policies, procedures, technologies, and control techniques that help protect systems, infrastructures, and data stored in the cloud against unauthorized access, theft, leakage, and deletion.

In addition to protecting data, the Cloud Security service provides authentication rules for users and devices. However, there are still some reticence’s regarding cloud data storage due to the system being vulnerable to breaches. This vulnerability can be easily addressed through the Cloud Security service, which allows guaranteeing the security of all applications in the cloud via a unique proxy analysis mechanism, which gathers information from a wide range of activities to create mapping files for applications in the cloud. In addition to collecting information, the cloud security service allows: to analyse advanced and customized risk metrics; assign an application risk score; automated application update (maintains security compliance); data classification; identify inactive accounts and external users (User Governance); identifies security gaps and lack of compliance (Application Governance); built-in correlation workflow; activity monitoring/analysis in the shortest possible time; automatic anomaly detection; Data Loss Prevention (DLP); location-based and device-based access control; and integration with third-party solutions.

10 reasons why organizations are opting for the Cloud Security services

1- Saves space and time
By storing your data on an external cloud account, you don't need to purchase an external hard drive and you can access your data anytime, anywhere.

2- Cheap and affordable service
Cloud security is a cheap and accessible service, regardless of the data that is stored.

3- Control over data
All clouds are associated with a physical location. Make sure your cloud provider uses the right hardware and ensures a physical location is secure.

4- Increased useful life of computers
Computers are often replaced regularly due to software updates. With cloud storage, it will not be necessary to change computers with the same frequency, because the software will be in the cloud.

5- Cloud Customization
There are different types of cloud, the three main ones being: the private cloud, the public cloud, and the hybrid cloud. Each type of cloud has its advantages and limitations. It is up to the organization to match its software, security and storage need to the most appropriate type of cloud.

6- Backups are always needed
There are not completely fool proof security systems, so prevention is always a must-have. Protect your data with a backup. Find out how best to do it through the article: “The importance of backup and the best way to do it”.

7- The Cloud is the most secure and protected system
The building blocks of cloud security architecture include enterprise-class hardware, such as servers protected by enterprise-class security systems.

8- Payment flexibility
Regardless of the size of your organization, you can protect your data and reduce the costs associated with physical infrastructure. Unlike physical on-premises systems, which require payment upfront before installation, cloud storage has minimal setup costs.

9- Use of Pentest
Being present in the cloud means overcoming new challenges, namely related to access security, data theft, ransomware... Access management services to the cloud infrastructure can be compromised and it is necessary to carry out periodic assessments such as Pentest, to ensure that your data is secure. To strengthen your organization's security, we suggest adding the Pentest service to the Cloud Security service, which allows you to detect and combat vulnerabilities. Learn more about the benefits of the Pentest service through the article: “7 main benefits of Pentest as a Service”.

10- Analyse security and cybersecurity service providers
When purchasing a Cloud Security service, review different security and cybersecurity service providers so you can make an informed decision. Make sure that the security and cybersecurity service provider offers you a personalized service that is tailored to your needs and that it guarantees you access to all the additional protection measures that your organization may need.

In short, the Cloud Security service has brought several benefits, in terms of data protection, to organizations, regardless of their sector, location, or size. The most important thing in the cloud data storage process is to ensure that your security and cybersecurity service provider guarantees a personalized service that is tailored to you and that all security standards are met, managing the detection and correction of vulnerabilities between other measures.

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