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Security Audit Support Service

The Security Audit Support Service provides guidance and support for security accreditation and re-accreditation activities for active and pipeline services, including the preparation of documentation required to support Security Accreditation in ISO27K.


Security Audit Support Service is comprised of the following elements:

Security Audit & Accreditation Preparation and Documentation (New Systems): Extracting and formatting from the results of the Security Design to the Security Accreditation Templates and other supporting documentation such as Security Risk Assessment, Information Security Management System (ISMS), Hardening Technological Security guidelines controls, Operating Instructions, Processes and Procedures. Serves as first Point-of-Contact for Accreditation of new systems.

Security Audit Support (In-service systems): Comprehensive coordination with applicable Security Accreditation Authorities. Guidance and support on security accreditation and re-accreditation activities as required by business and/or compliance requirements. Interfacing to the Security Accreditation Authorities, in order to grant all security controls to final accreditation. Assistance to the Security Accreditation Authorities, to review and provide technical assessment of the security-related documentation and security-related technical controls, required in the accreditation process for CIS introduced or managed by other than the customer. Development of security accreditation strategies. Serves as first Point of Contact for re-accreditation of in-service systems.

CIS Security Conformity Compliance: Support towards formal attestation that the prescribed security measures are in place. This ensure that new or modified security services meet the security expectations of the customer as well as the requirements of ISOs & security frameworks, granting security policy and supporting Directives before being deployed and activated.

Added Value

We will bring to Your Business:

  • The Evaluation of the data flow within your business.

  • Identification of vulnerable points and problem areas.

  • Will help to determine whether to alter security policies and standards or not.

  • Recommendations on how to leverage information technology in the customer business security.

  • In-depth analysis of customer internal and external IT practices and systems.

  • We have a framework that integrates different security standards (ISO27001, ISO27005, ISO22301, ISO27035, NIST…) and frameworks (PTES, OWASP,…), covering all processes, procedures and technical configurations.

  • We will deliver three different report types (executive report, technical report and Action Plan Report), classifying each vulnerability with specific way to be corrected/mitigated.

The Service is available in the following flavors:

  • Audit the current security status.
  • Prepare for accreditation or re-accreditation security process.
  • Maintain security standards compliance.
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