h-Cyber Intelligence
Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis Service

3.H-Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Analysis Team deliver to the customers, information about threats and threat actors that helps mitigate harmful events in cyberspace. Cyber threat intelligence sources include open source intelligence, social media intelligence, human Intelligence, technical intelligence or intelligence from the deep, surface & dark web / darknet, Tor, Freenet, I2P, Riffle, and others.


Cyber Threat Iintelligence Service is comprised of the following elements:

  • Cyber Bits: short intelligence notifications on cyber-related topics.

  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Dashboard, which aims to capture the most important events from the passing week in a broadly understood cyber domain.

  • Open-Source feeds of malicious URLs, exploit packs.

  • Online forum, social networks, blogs monitoring.

  • Liaison with other security members and organizations.

  • Common Taxonomy for the National Network of Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs).

  • Trends: updates on emerging patterns and on new modus operandi, tools and techniques that cyber criminals use.

  • Knowledge: guidance on different aspects of cybercrime such as infrastructure, tools, and modus operandi.

Added Value

CTI is an essential capability in an organization's security program. Used properly, CTI can enable better-informed security and business decisions, and ultimately allow customers to take decisive action to protect their users, data, and reputation against unknow elements.

CTI often includes signature, reputation, and threat data feeds, but goes beyond them in almost every way. Our typical activities involve:

  • Constant human and technical information gathering on a global scale.
  • The provision of adversary-focused and forward looking rich contextual data.
  • Customization for our customers organizations.

Comprehensive CTI allows our customers to be proactive and prepare themselves for tomorrow’s adversaries and threats, rather than reacting to yesterday’s attacks. Without the ability to consider all risks and options available to them, cyber security professionals will be unable to make the best possible security decisions for their organization.

Here are some of our services benefits of cyber threat intelligence:

  • Valuable insight and context: Detailing information on what threats are most likely to affect an organization or industry, and indicators to help prevent and detect more attacks.

  • Improved incident response times: Prioritizing alerts, which enables an organization to respond faster to real threats and reduce the risk of serious breach consequences.

  • Improved communication, planning, and investment: Security teams can communicate real risks to the business and focus on protecting high-risk targets from actual threats via additional security investment and planning.
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