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Cyber Security Incident Response Service

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Cyber Security Incident Response Service provides secure communications and security computers Incident, Violation and Security Investigation.

The service enables an effective and efficient response to immediately contain detected and/or reported Incidents, including incident containment, eradication, recovery, and follow-up.


The service is comprised of:

  • Incident Triage;

  • Event Correlation;

  • Incident Handling & Response;

  • Alerting, Reporting, and Assisting with Recovery;

  • Incident Analysis and Follow-up; and Monitoring, Evaluating and Recovering from communication security incidents, violations and insecurities;

  • Detect known and unknown threats, go beyond individual alerts to identify and prioritize potential incidents, and apply AI to accelerate investigation processes;

  • Adopt on-prem & cloud SIEM with elastic scalability and lower TCO.

Our service delivers a set of tools, solutions and frameworks to automate various processes, and/or to provide our customers with the necessary tools to find and resolve security breaches.

Added Value

  • Hardsecure has a framework that integrates Threat Intelligence, SIEM, Malware Analysis, Network security, ticketing, endpoint security, delivering a process that perform investigation, threat hunting, detection, triage, incident and case management, response, documentation and reporting & KPIs for each incident that occur.

  • We have integrated in our framework, CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) and Pentest as a Service (internal & external), were all vulnerabilities are validated in order prevent false positives.

  • We can integrate Security Incident Management services with Managed Security Services in order to perform consultancy to support our customers in:
    • Identify vulnerabilities and support to mitigate/block it;
    • Awareness & training to all users;
    • Mitigate & block incident attacks in a real time bases way (always coordinated with IT & security customer team).

The Service is available in the following options:

  • Tier 1 – Triage: This is where our security analysts typically spend most of their time. Tier 1 analysts, the primary function is to monitor event logs for suspicious activity. When they feel something needs further investigation, they gather as much information as they can and escalate the incident to Tier 2.

  • Tier 2 – Investigation: Tier 2 analysts dig deeper into suspicious activity to determine the nature of a threat and the extent to which it has penetrated the infrastructure. Our analysts then coordinate a response to remediate the issue. This is a higher-impact activity that generally requires more experienced analysts.

  • Tier 3 – Threat hunting: The most experienced analysts support complex incident response and spend any remaining time looking through forensic and telemetry data for threats that detection software may not have identified as suspicious. The average Hardsecure spends the least time on threat hunting activities as Tier 1 and Tier 2 consume so many analyst resources.
Cyber Security Incident Management Service
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