h-Cyber Forensic
Cyber Security Forensic Analysis Service

3.h-Cyber Forensic

Cyber Security Forensic Analysis Service provides CIS Forensics and Malware analysis which are conducted to better understand security threats, to support the understanding, mitigation, remediation of incidents and to gather evidence held accountable in a court of Law.


Cyber Security Forensic Analysis Service is comprised of the two following elements:

  • Forensic Analysis: Provision of resources to perform online (OCF) and stand-alone (SCF) computer forensics analysis for Incident Management and on-request.

  • Malware Analysis: Provision of resources to carry out technical analysis on suspicious application code to identify any malicious content. Sharing of technical characteristics of malware within a trusted community either on an ad hoc basis or via an automated platform.

Added Value

Our team has technical expertise that support our customers in a differentiated way, always respecting forensic custodian chain and cybersecurity standards (ISO/IEC 27037, ISO/IEC 27041, ISO/IEC 27042 e ISO/IEC 27043), acting in the following main areas:

  • Network anomaly detection
  • Network behaviour analysis
  • Encrypted traffic analysis
  • Feeds integration with SIEM
  • Automated & Manuel incident response
  • Unknown threat detection
  • Malware (mainly ransomware) detection
  • Windows DNS red exploitation detection
  • Trojan Attack detection
  • Mobile malware detection
  • Data Leak (email, endpoint, cloud, mobile).
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