“Typosquatting” is a scheme that hackers use to take advantage of typos, specifically the spelling errors made when typing a web address into a browser.

Normally when an address is spelled incorrectly, our browser lets us know that there was an error. However, with typosquatting, hackers will buy a domain name and create an address that intentionally includes common typos and will build the website to look exactly like the one a user meant to visit.
For example, a hacker might purchase www.example.cm and build the site to look like www.example.com and then include malware that infects your device or code that strips personal information.

Many Security tools don't have the capability to detect this kind of scheme since it would have to navigate into the field of Cyber-intelligence. The main concern about this kind of scheme is both the reputational hazard to some of your critical assets such as Domains, and another is the increase of successful attempts of phishing and ransomware schemes using similar domain names to lure employees into opening “important messages” in their mailbox.

With the pandemic forcing us to go even more digital these kinds of schemes are increasing more and more, and your Web Assets need to have a clean reputation, and this is why getting more information coming from cyber-intelligence sources is becoming more required.

Hardsecure is on the edge of that new demand by providing its customers with a Cyber-intelligence team that can retrieve important information in the Dark and deep Web related to them and even being able to predict potential attacks and either stopping them or creating strategies to reduce the likelihood of them happening.

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