Cyber Summit: Healthcare
The 1st International Conference on Security and Healthcare

Last Tuesday, 23 March 2021, between 1:45pm and 5:30pm, the first conference of the Cyber Summit cycle was held, organized by Hardsecure.
This initiative aims to promote the sharing of knowledge in cybersecurity and foster networking, customizing its contents to specific sectors. The first edition was focused on the healthcare sector and was attended by eight speakers, references in the sectors of cybersecurity and healthcare.
The topics covered during approximately 3.5 hours were:

  • "Main Cybersecurity Threats", by David Oliveira, International Sales Manager at Hardsecure. The focus of this presentation was to raise awareness regarding the organization and exponential growth of cybercrimes.

  • “Third-Party Risk Management in Healthcare" was presented by the President of International Sales at SecurityScorecard, Matthew McKenna. Mr. McKenna presented a rating that analyzes the security level of an organization when compared to its market. With this rating, organizations can understand which are the weakest points that they should improve.

  • “Cyber-intel in Healthcare" was presented by Rui Almeida, Incident Response & Cyber Intel Manager at Hardsecure. Rui Almeida raised awareness about the danger of data collection in healthcare and how this collection and sale is done through the Deep and Dark Web.

  • "The Importance of GDRP in Healthcare" presented by Lara Silva, Legal & Compliance Security Auditor at Hardsecure, refers the importance of data protection to focus on four main aspects, namely: procedural, legal, technological, and behavioral of the organization.

    "Healthcare and the German regulations" by Moritz Brake, Co-founder at Sonarlock spoke about the new European regulations in the Healthcare field and how the associated funds could contribute to improve the implementation of cybersecurity in organizations.

  • “Pentest as a service in Healthcare" was presented by Thorsten Breuer, Executive Director at Sonarlock. Thorsten identified the importance of Pentest as a service in the identification of vulnerabilities and which are the main differences between the various pentest services, which allow contributing to the protection of the organizations.

    With a panel of international speakers, the event had about 50 participants, from approximately 20 countries, whose profiles belong in the technology and cybersecurity areas, occupying leading positions.

    The next Cyber Summit will take place in June and will be is customized for the Chemical Industry sector.
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